1. Facilitate the delivery of lifesaving assistance, including food, medical supplies, fuel, and the resumption of electricity and internet to Gaza, in addition to safe passage of humanitarian and medical staff

  2. Free all civilian hostages, especially children and elderly

  3. Allow humanitarian convoys to reach UN facilities, schools, hospitals, and health facilities in northern Gaza and commit to protecting them along with the civilians and staff inside them at all times

  4. Rescind orders by the Government of Israel for civilians to depart northern Gaza

  5. Allow patients in critical condition to be medically evacuated for urgent care

The Palestinian Dream

As humans, we all have dreams that are quite the same. 

Together, as filmmakers and creatives, we joined forces to bring the dreams of Gaza closer to home. Because the biggest difference between their dreams and ours is that ours aren’t disappearing before our eyes.

That’s why we ask you to sign the petition Ceasefire Now and share our film. Please forward it to parents, friends, colleagues, neighbors, you name it. The people of Gaza truly need all your help.

With this petition, we call on the warring parties to stop all violence against civilians and demand a peaceful solution for Palestinians and Israelis. Because the only solution is a peace that does justice to both sides. 

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Initiative / Director – Donnya Zidan
Initiative / 1st AD – Farah Abdi
Initiative/ Campaign Lead
– Eef Baggermans
Initiative / Executive Producer
– Esther Bax
2nd AD – Fabian van der Hulst
3rd AD / Refugee team – Mazen Eltess
Photographer – Eelco Wortman
Assistent photographer – Isabel Hexspoor
1st AC – Casper Fraij
2nd AC – Wiktor Bukowski
Gaffer – Jur Oster
Bestboy – Tjeerd Melchers
Bestboy – Luca Cueni
Bestboy – Kenny Nagelkerke
Bestboy – Nino Kennis
Sound engineer – Tjodi van Elk – OORZAKEN.
Producer – Sakina Aissat
Art department-Jet van Beek
Art assistent – Imke Bos
Art department – Gini Grootenboer
Styling – Esmée Croqué

Visagie – Faïsa Sontodimedjo
Researcher & child handler on set – Quérine Ottens
Casting – Tisa de Jong – Buddy Film Casting
Translator – Bakr Al Jaber
Refugee team / cast supervisor – Liz Willemsen
Refugee team / cast supervisor – Kitty Bos
Catering – Mina Mediterrane Verswinkel
Camera equipment – Zuiderling & Bob Alkemade

Daughter – Miral
Mother – Zohor Al Masry
Father – Jihad Jad
Pregnant woman – Israa Hassouna
Partner of pregnant women – Aiman Al-Hazmi

Niece – Maya Jaber
Nephew – Hussein Jafar
Brother of twinsvAwos Rami Sami Qatham
Twins – Yaseen & Yahya Rami Sami Qatham

Edit – Studio Radijs
Colorgrading – Remi Lindenhovius
Music & Sound – Audentity
Final exports – Cutting Scenes

PR – Stella van Schaick
HERC – Elif Albayrak
HERC – Emilio de Haan
Creative – Myra Bax
Website development – Darryl Wentzel – Living Digitals.
Titel design – Maram Al Refaei